Go Beyond Sushi with the Obento Menu at MEGU

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When news of the new Obento menu at MEGU reached us, we were in quite the hurry to sample it. Expecting plates and plates of sushi, we were in for quite the surprise. The Obento lunch comprises a platter full of carefully selected Japanese fare, and makes for an ideal meal, especially if you’re looking to acquaint yourself with the cuisine.

The meal itself is served within 15 minutes, but choosing from the menu can prove to be just a little bit time consuming. We started by choosing three of the five sashimi items {salmon, sea bream, mackerel, octopus and fresh water eel}, which was followed by a grill {asparagus, shitake mushrooms, okra skewers, bacon cheese or pork belly}, and then a choice of main {including Miso Aubergine, Salt Grill Salmon and Miso Lamb Chops}. MEGU consistently dispels any misconceptions about Japanese food being only for non-vegetarians.

The dishes are served with a bunch of pre-fixed sides, including a tofu preparation, sticky rice, miso soup, oriental salad, sushi and an egg custard {chawanmushi}. The portions are mostly bite-sized, but since there are 10 dishes in total, there’s no way you’re going home hungry. Traditionally this entire meal is eaten with chopsticks {and the staff is more than willing to help you figure these out}, but if you’re not super adept, they’ll happily give you a fork and knife. The meal commenses with a cup of green tea, and this is served throughout, in whatever amount you desire. We found it ideal to wash the meal down with.

The Obento meal is fairly easy to finish, without leaving you yearning for more. We think it’s a great option for a quick not-too-heavy lunch when you’re in the area and don’t mind a piece of Japan.

Timings: 12:30pm – 2:45pm