Been There, But Have You Done This? Off Beat Experiences At Popular Travel Destinations

If the avid traveler in you is looking for experiences which are beyond every day and obvious and has the potential to probably blow up both your mind and your Instagram feed, read on.

Han Son Doong Cave – Vietnam

Vietnam may come across as done and dusted kind of place, but you will be surprised by the off-beat experiences it has to offer. Son Doong, a cave, situated in the heart of Phong Nha Ke National Park was discovered in the year 2009 and has the unique distinction of hosting fewer people than the summit of Mount Everest. A cave so huge, it has its own local weather system. If you are planning a trip here, prepare for a very long trek; braving dense forest, wild animals, and raging rivers. Though, if you do manage to find yourself at the entry of the cave, you will want to come back and thank us!

Silfra Rift Diving – Iceland

Iceland has suddenly become the place to travel, in part, thanks to the exposure it got from GOT and Secret life of Walter Mitty, and also because it’s vast Tundra landscape is the envy of many travelers. So, if it feels like the kind of destination which may not have something unique, think again. Enter Silfra, which offers a rare chance to scuba dive between two continental tectonic plates – the North American and Eurasian plates. The rift, at some points, is so close, that you can literally touch the two continents in the clear, blue waters of Thingvallavatn Lake of Iceland. ‘Best of both the worlds’ just got a new contender.

Meal At Fat Duck – London

It’s time you push your bucket list beyond the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, and Madame Tussauds. So, just 30 miles from London is Fat Duck, led by Heston Blumenthal; master of molecular gastronomy, who runs one of the only four, three-Michelin-star restaurants in all of Britain. Trust us, having a meal at Fat Duck, is an afternoon you’ll never forget. It will be a journey through creation, creativity, and chemistry.

Staycation At A Bamboo House – Bali

There’s more to Bali than pristine beaches, paddy fields, and mountain ranges. This time, if you are planning a Staycation, head to Sharma Springs; it’s a sight to behold. This six-story house will give even the most luxurious hotels, a run for their money. Costing just over INR 50,000 a night, the stay is surely not for everyone, but how we wish to spend a night here {benefactor, anyone?}.

Trip To Azores – Portugal

The Azores region of Portugal is famous for its verdant landscapes, dramatic mountain ranges, and serene fishing villages. The entire region consists of nine islands and is replete with beautiful beaches, volcanic grounds, clear blue waters, and salubrious sunshine. The best time to visit: June to September.

Walkthrough The Wisteria Tunnel – Japan

It’s time to put Japan on your travel map, once again. Why? Wisteria tunnel! Just five hours {thanks to high-speed train} from Tokyo, it’s one of nature’s most beautiful bounties. From late April to mid-May, the Wisteria plants bloom, and what emerges is a walk-through tunnel which seems like a picture, right out of a fairytale. Plan this trip with someone you truly admire. Inspired? If you are already day-dreaming your next trip, book your flights and hotels on MakeMyTrip using your Citi cards to enjoy exciting cashback offers. You can check these out here. So, on your next trip go beyond the obvious and experience popular destinations in a whole new way. Are you in?