Move Over Goa & Manali, Check Out These 8 Offbeat Spots Instead


If you’ve lived in Delhi or NCR, chances are that you spent half your summer holidays going to Mussoorie, Shimla, or at best, Manali. Once in a couple of years, you would also plan a trip to Goa. The list to pick holiday destinations from has always been kind of short. Or, at least that’s what you believed!

But sometimes, the most beautiful places end up being hidden in plain sight. The reason that most of us prefer not to dig these hidden places out is because of lack of amenities, and most of all, not even comfortable beds to crash on. Luckily, Goibibo’s goStays are here to save the day for all of your exploration junkies out there! Forget worrying about clean air-conditioned rooms, comfortable bathrooms and basic amenities like a TV. Just get to planning out your trip! Here are some locations that you could check out. 

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Orchha is a place that is known mostly to students of architecture as a site of significant value. The Fort of Orchha, built by the first king of Orchha, Rudra Pratap Singh is flocked by those interested in heritage and architecture - and for good reason. The complex and intricate work that has been put into the making of the fort, known as Raja Mahal, also reflects in sites like the 9th Century Chatarbhuj Temple, the Jahangir Mahal, and the Uth Khana. 

Worried about staying in a dingy, unsafe room in this off-beat town? Pack your bags and #goBefikar to Orchha. There are plenty of options by Goibibo stationed in safe localities, with comfy beds and shiny clean bathrooms awaiting you after a long day of exploration.

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

If you ask anyone interested in quizzing about Jabalpur, they will tell you that it is known for the origin of the game of snooker. But, if you’re someone who loves nature and everything to do with it, British era cantonment town will surprise you. Jabalpur is home to the beauteous, Grand-Canyon like Dhuandhar Waterfall, as well as the gorgeous Marble Rocks. The town is also known for the authenticity of its marble art, and you can find plenty of artisans across town working on it. You can also make a trip to one of the country’s best tiger reserves like Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, and Pench National Park.

Jabalpur is known for its friendly people who always welcome tourists with open arms. Taking inspiration from the town’s trademark hospitality, goStays makes sure that you feel welcomed every moment of your stay. After all, clean linens and bathrooms can make all the difference for a budget traveler, right?

Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

If we could somehow find words to describe the beauty of Ziro Valley, we still wouldn’t think that they’re good enough. The area is home to the Apa Tani tribe, who have made a very sustainable, peaceful home of this secluded valley. We aren’t really fans of encouraging tourism in the area, simply because tourists tend to leave behind loads of plastic in delicate environments like these. However, if you’re one of those travellers who are okay with blending in with the environment, do not even think twice about making the difficult journey to this valley. 

Pack your bags, and head off to Ziro valley for its lakes, streams, rice fields, narrow, beautiful streets whenever you get the chance to. Once this hard journey is over, you can throw your stuff in your comfy goStays room and #goBefikar into the wilderness.

Champaner, Gujarat

Once the capital of the Gujarat Sultanate, Champaner is now a treasure trove of mind-boggling architecture from all the empires it has been home to. It was founded in the 8th Century by the most prominent king of the Chavda Dynasty, Vanraj Chavda. Apart from the magnificent Champaner Fort, you also must visit the Jama Masjid, one of the finest architectural wonders of Gujarat. Fun fact: Champaner is where the 2001 Aamir Khan film Lagaan was shot!

Varkala, Kerala

If you want to have your mind blown away by one of the most beautiful beaches of the country, you absolutely need to make a trip to Varkala. Located a short train ride away from Trivandrum city, Varkala Beach is a sight to behold with sharp cliffs of red sand running adjacent to the beach. You can choose to spend all your days on the beach, and your evenings exploring the local cafes and amazing markets running up the cliff. Or, you can go into the city, which has a number of beautiful sites like the Varkala Tunnel, Kappil Lake, and Anjengo Fort. 

If you’re a budget traveler, finding a good place in Varkala might get a little difficult. 

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Tso Moriri, Ladakh

Tso Moriri, or Lake Moriri is one tourist attraction in Ladakh that most people end up missing when they go around the state. This happens mostly because of the long and tiring journey from the central city of Leh that goes up to the lake. Before we talk about the beauty of Tso Moriri itself, it’s important to say that the roads leading up to it, despite being difficult, are breathtakingly gorgeous. You can expect to spot wild goats amongst a number of rare species throughout your way, with rivers running through intervals of desert-like terrain, or green plains, or hilly sections. The Lake itself is unbelievably beautiful with its pristine waters and surrounding greens. You can find the famous Ladakh yak grazing randomly around the waters.

Tourist Attractions

Tso Moriri

Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir


    Majuli, Assam

    Majuli is a gorgeous little river island located on the intersection of the Brahmaputra and Kherkutia Xuti rivers. Accessible through Jorhat, the island is bustling with historic cultural festivals throughout the year, such as the Ali-ai-ligang festival in February and March and the Paal Namm festival, celebrated towards the end of winter. Apart from its colourful culture and amazing artisans, this island is full of unexpected natural beauty and a great place for bird watchers.

    Bahia Fort, Punjab

    When it comes to tourism, Punjab is perhaps the last state you would think of. The image that comes to your mind is fields of mustard, and then maybe Amritsar’s Golden Temple. However, Punjab is also home to untold-of stories. If you’re the kind of tourist who loves to visit ruins that have been turned into modern-day palaces, you have to visit Bahia Fort in Bhatinda. A fort built for a group of 22 villages that were collectively called Bahia Sahib, the Fort is now open to tourists in the day to take you a step back in history.

    If you plan on taking a day trip to Bahia Sahib, might we suggest staying in a quaint, quiet goStays room and get some pictures clicked in the midst of the classic sarso ka khet scenes in Ludhiana? We’re feeling very DDLJ already!


    Bahia Fort

    The Mall, Dhobi Bazar, Old City, Bathinda, Punjab


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