Oh, Boy! Nykaa Just Launched Their Men's Grooming E-Store, NykaaMan!

Girls, you've been obsessing over Nykaa long enough—it's time to let the guys have a go. Nykaa just launched a multi-brand e-commerce store dedicated to men's grooming—NykaaMan (multiple superhero references come to mind). NykaaMan focuses on categories like beard care, shaving, grooming kits, hair care, bath and body, sports nutrition, perfumes and deodorants, skincare, and sexual wellness. So if you (or your guy friends) are looking for a one-stop for all your grooming needs, you know where to go. They've tied up with brands like The Shave Doctor (exclusively available in India with NykaaMan), Kiehl's, Clinique for Men, Beardo and more. They'll also be offering expert advice on taking up and maintaining the best grooming regime for you. Head over to NykaaMan's website to explore the whole range.