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Oh So Spongy & Yummy! This Baker Makes Some Of The Best Eggless Cakes!


    Little Chef By Khushboo Mittal: This little chef in Noida is giving all the noida-iites a reason to fall in love with cakes all over again. And believe me when I say the world little chef - at a mere age of 24 - Khushboo Mittal is living a life of her dreams - spreading love and happiness, one cake at a time.

    What’s best is that she makes her cakes eggless - so for all the eggless cake eaters out there - look no further, Khushboo has got your back.

    From simple cakes to personalised ones - at little chef - you name it and you will get it. Oh, and the picture is not over yet - apart from cakes, Khushboo does a lot and a lot of other things. She has mastered the technique of making beautiful Focaccia bread. For all those who don’t know what it is - this is a flat oven-baked Italian bread product similar in style and texture to pizza dough. You can savour it as a side dish to many meals or as sandwich bread.

    I know the list of things little chef does is becoming bigger line by line - but here’s one last update. The Little Chef also makes a lot of healthy cakes for all the health-conscious people out there - Khushboo says in all such cases instead of all-purpose flour or maida, wheat flour is used and instead of sugar, jaggery powder or khand is used. So one can enjoy all things sweet without any guilt

    The little chef has been baking her way to fame since 2014 - while she was pursuing her studies, she decided to give baking a chance and started making one cake every day. Her love for cakes grew and she decided to pursue her passion forward instead of going for a 9 to 5 job.

    Apart from cakes, Khushboo bakes cookies, cake poppers, tarts and everyone’s favourite cupcakes. She has also started making personalised hampers - all obviously containing the sweet delicacies.

    Note from the chef: Little Chef personalises everything - if you got a preference or something in mind, we make it real :)

    Price Range: Cakes start from Rs 400
    Cupcakes set of 4 starts from Rs 360
    Hamper range starts from Rs 800

    What’s more: The Little Chef also wants more and more people to learn and master the art of baking and that’s why she loves holding baking workshops. Currently, she is taking online classes, the price for which starts from Rs 500.

    Physical classes price starts from Rs 1700 but currently because of COVID this service is temporarily stopped.

    Khushboo wants people to fall in love with home-baked cakes, she wants to change the mentality that home-baked or eggless cakes are not good enough and that’s why she is pursuing her passion as a home baker.

    Happy cake eating, you guys!