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Oh So Yummy! Indian Origins Is Doing Freeze-Dried Crisps Which Are Equally Healthy & Delicious


    Indian Origins, a farm-to-table brand has recently launched addictive fruity crisps that are not just super good for you, but ethically sourced and small farmer friendly as well.

    Fruit On The Go

    We are always looking for healthier snacking options, and these range of crisps hit the bull’s eye for us. Sans preservatives, additives and added sugar, these all natural beauties are currently in three variants- banana, mango and beetroot and they are perfect for an any time pick-me up. 100% natural and all fruit, what we love about these crisps is that they aren’t the usual dehydrated fruit bits we usually get, and not just have that inherent tartness of the fruit {and the earthiness of the beet}, but also a perfectly delightful crunch.

    So, We're Saying...

    Dive into the deliciousness of the all-natural 100% fruit crisps by Indian Origins and savour a tasty treat anytime. You can thank us later!

    Price: Starting at INR 110 for a pack of banana chips.

    Buy them online or at your closest Le Marche store.