Noida’s Ohio Spa Is Perfect For Pampering & Kama Ayurveda Facials

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What Makes It Awesome

Had a fighting match with the boss? Bae being mean? Forget everything and head straight to Ohio Spa & Salon in Noida. Not only are they one of the late working ones, they’re pretty good at what they do. Right from routine salon services to indulgent facials and body wraps, they’ve got a soothing vibe that can make even the quickest visit a calming experience.

Let’s make a confession at the very beginning. We’ve never opted for anything more than the most basic of services in this part of town; Our comfort zone hasn’t expanded beyond pedicures and waxing. A trip to this spa, then, came with its fair share of cynicism and apprehensions. Blame stereotypes or blame the kind of stories that have come out of seedy establishments around Noida town, but we were a little on the edge about a massage here. But once we did decide to make the trip, everything started to look up like unicorns and rainbows. 

From experience, we can tell you that right from the time you set foot here, you’re taken into this unhurried world where time moves a bit slower. It helps that the spalon is in a quiet neighbourhood and has well-trained staff that we’re told has all been handpicked. We were hoping to make a flying trip but like we said, we might have overstayed by at least an hour because really, who minds being around the sound of water and a lightly fragrant therapy room where everything’s dreamy and slow. 

Torn between a facial and a body massage, we decided to get the latter. Our aching, work-saddled shoulders relaxed and every strained muscle surrendered to the tune of the therapist’s strokes. Before we knew, the Ayurvedic oil had been slathered all over and the background music had started to fade away. At some point, we might have slipped into a stupor but after almost an hour, we felt like a new person, ready to take on the big, wild world with a big, wild smile. 

The body massage was followed by a half-sleepy (perhaps too relaxed) trip into the steam and shower. If you, like us, are a bit of a technology weirdo, this might look like an alien space ship with glowing buttons and a cloud of impenetrable steam but don’t worry, the good peeps at the spa are always ready to do a demo to guide you. Persevere through and watch the stress wash away with that sweet-smelling shower gel.

We’re next landing up for hair spa and a nourishing heel hydrating foot treatment. We’re also chuffed that we can get our favourite brand, Kama Ayurveda’s, age-defying and glow inducing facials starting at INR 2,000?! So a facial’s in order? Why, of course.

These apart, Ohio has the cutest nail art studio, a lavish make up room for weddings and party goers and a salon for that threading emergency at 8pm. But mostly they stay open till 9pm. 

What Could Be Better

This place is mostly recommended for its longer treatments. So, if you're on a tight schedule, you might feel tempted by the idea of spending more time over here. 


If you’re not the one for long-term commitment, you can opt for express treatments too. But we’d really suggest taking some time on your hands.

PS: We can finally go for a couple’s massage and chill in the jacuzzi in a Noida spa without judgments too! Good things do happen.