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Have Only A Few Hours To Spare? Fly To Okhla Bird Sanctuary For A Quick Escape From The City


    The Okhla Bird Sanctuary, situated in Gautam Buddh Nagar, UP {think Noida, but further than what you’re used to} makes for a an ideal quick getaway when you’re craving a dose of nature.

    Fly Away

    Busy schedules may prevent you from embarking on an Into The Wild kind of adventure, but consider a breather from the concrete jungle that is Delhi? Home to over 32o species of birds, the 4 sq km Okhla Bird Sanctuary is a popular destination for the experienced bird watcher, as well as for those looking to simply enjoy the serene surroundings, and the company of some adorable peckers basking in the forest-like foliage.

    Assuming luck is on your side, you will spot, amongst many other winged wonders, the white-rumped vulture, baer’s pochard and the grey-headed fish eagle. There is no restriction on capturing your memories here, so keep your cameras and phones ready to populate your Instagram accounts with some unique shots.

    As the sanctuary is operational from 7am to 6pm all seven days, no pre-planning is required. We have it on our radars for when we have a couple of hours to spare next.

    So, We're Saying...

    It is the perfect spot for bird watching, nature walks and photography. You can opt to explore the sanctuary by bus, car or even a two-wheeler, for an extra fee. OBS is open all year round, but the winter months may offer something a little extra, as that’s when birds from across the globe migrate here.