This Kitschy Basement Is Full Of Vintage Movie Posters, Stamps & Stationery

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Those who’ve lost their way around Shahpur Jat might remember a bookshop called Book Wise. Bad news: It’s gone now. Good news: We found The Paper Store at the same location that had us feeling nostalgic and overwhelmed in equal measures.

What Makes It Awesome

The shelves and mysterious corners in this tiny but magical place need to be explored at leisure. There are stacks of handmade paper in varied textures, colours and sizes, beautiful diaries, paper crafts, old stamps, letter notes, elegant greeting cards, quirky gift tags, lamps, trinket boxes made from handmade paper, and lots lots more.

The shop manager is super helpful {and smiley} company when you’re trying to navigate your way through these inconspicously hidden treasures.

His enthusiasm as he pulls out the collection of original {yes, orginal} film posters of Sholay, Andha KanoonTrishul is infectious. He’s also proud of showing off an extensive range of stamps and stamp papers recovered from all over.

This only adds to the experience if you’re someone who doesn’t mind your visit peppered with chit chat and anecdotes.

On your way in {or out}, do take a few seconds to admire the beautiful rows of wrapping paper that hang like psychedelic waterfalls. We insist.