Walk Into Blues To Experience Old-School Charm

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Probably one of the oldest and most popular lounges in Connaught Place, Blues is known for its retro ambience and friendly staff. What makes it worth a visit? The quality of the food and drinks hasn’t changed in all these years.

Chow Down

Fussili Alfredo, Chicken Wings in BBQ Sauce

Sip On

Don’t Dig It, Caribbean Tea

Winning For

Its consistent service, the amazing collection of old-school hits, music-inspired retro theme, and the live music.

Blast From The Past

You know you’ve entered a retro music place when you can spot Elvis, Pink Floyd, Nickelback and other musicians adorning the walls. This place is a music time capsule that journeys you through the hits of the 80s and 90s. Waiters here wear classic uniforms that have also remained the same for long.

Multi-Cuisine Indulgence

The menu has something for everyone, and the service is quick. The spicy and sweet Chicken Wings with BBQ Sauce is perfect to start with. Classic dishes like the Tandoori Chicken and combo meals like the Mutton Seekh Platter with dal and naan are also worth a try.

There is a lot to offer on the drinks menu too {some have super interesting names}. The Don’t Dig It is a potent mix of white rum, gin, vodka, tequila, lime mix and cola, which any LIIT lover would like. The Caribbean Tea is nothing like its name and is actually a fruity mix of vodka, gin, Triple Sec, peach schnapps, white Rum, lime mix and cranberry juice. Other favourites from the drink section are Long Ice Land Ice Bull and the Vodkatini.

So, We’re Thinking…

Give this place some love! Ditch your expensive weekend drinking plans to experience this old timer in Connaught Place. It is definitely worth the money and offers some really cool live music.