Functional, Durable And Chic: These Sling Bags, Backpacks And Satchels Will Up You Fashion Game

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Old Tree

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What Makes It Awesome

There’s lots to unearth in Humayupur, as we learned on our first trip there. Case in point: the Old Tree store that has some ridiculously cool bags and backpacks.

The store is located in the basement and, as you climb down the stairs, all that meets the eye are bags, bags and more bags! Be warned, there’s lots of sifting and sorting involved because the store also stocks knock-offs of high-end, branded bags. There’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow-coloured imitations though; backpacks, slings and hand bags in every shape, size and colour.

If you have trouble matching your handbags to your outfits, the easy-on-the-pocket sling bags are available in brown, black, grey, white and beige. These retail for about INR 1,200, but we think there’s a little wiggle room for negotiation. The same rules apply for their imitation leather and cloth backpacks, except that there’s even more variety. 

As we were walking out, we saw it lying on a shelf – a bag shaped like a big tub of popcorn, complete with detailing that resembled comic book artwork. While it was maybe too much for most days, we’re thinking of going back for a second look. A little quirk never hurt a wardrobe, no?

What Could Be Better

You will have to sift through a bunch of not-so-great options before you finally find a stunning bag. But the effort will be worth it.