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Olive's New Menu Is Delectable & Here's Why You've Got To Try It

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What Makes It Awesome

Here's some exciting news for all you faithful Olive Bar & Kitchen fans. They've come out with a #15andfabulous menu that's a rendition of their 15th anniversary. What more could Olive possibly do to constantly stay on top of the list of fav places to brunch/drunch in Delhiites' hearts? Nothing. Because, not only do they have a warm and super chic ambience that transports you to everywhere Mediterranean on this planet, but they've just revamped their menu and brought in some really exciting delicacies! 

So, as my friend and I ordered our selves a glass of red wine each, we got a plating of Amuse Bouche which was a Fresh Date with Rose gel, and an Amaranth cracker with Citrus jelly for a starter. And, let me tell you, folks, I'm the fussiest eater in my entire family, but that Fresh Date and Rose Gel was the perfect combination of crunchiness, tanginess, and sweetness, all in one. It kind of woke my taste buds up for the rest of the meal. 

Following this, we were given a warm serving of Corn Veloute (corn soup) Popcorn Butter and Corn toast - which was absolutely delicious, because the corn toast was so soft and fluffy, while the Corn Veloute was absolutely heart warming and literally soup for the soul.

This led us to our second course, which consisted of three different dishes, namely, the White Asparagus and Horseradish, Chayote Squash & Foxtail Millet, and finally, Toyosu Market Octopus. As my best friend and I finished all three we came to the conclusion that we both liked the Chayote Squash & Foxtail Millet the most - it was fresh, grainy (in a good way), and smooth (owing to the Avos in there)!

And, I believe The Jamun sorbet with Jamun jam was a refreshing delicacy placed very strategically in the course because, right about then, we were about to slip into a food coma (but the food was too good to stop dead in our tracks)! The third course consisted of Ricotta & Colocasia - Tortelli, Pork Belly & Cherry, and Broiled Chilean Sea Bass. By now, we'd ordered their Bold Fashioned - a Jim Beam, and maple syrup-based cocktail - which I recommend to anyone who's a bourbon, whiskey person. 

And by the way, the Pork Belly & Cherry was excellent, because it was such a surprising combination to my friend and I (later when I googled it, I found out that roasted pork and cherry sauce is a legit thing in the culinary world). So, highly recommend the Pork & Cherry!

We ended the entire meal with a pretty dessert platter which consisted of an assortment of cookies, macaroons, coffee ice cream, Tiramisu, and chocolates. So, out of all the deserts, I recommend the Tiramisu for sure (which was the perfect amount of sweet), the coffee ice cream, and the chocolates! Each of these items will cost you INR 800 and above.

You can expect to spend around INR 4,000 for two people here.