One Drop Goes A Long Way! Get A Healthy And Happy Life With Liv In Nature!

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Liv In Nature

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What Makes It Awesome

‘Tis the season to become a pro at cooking! With no end in sight for this pandemic, normal life seems to be a bit of a dream nowadays. But at LBB, we’re all about the silver linings. We have invested this newfound time and energy into trying new things outside our comfort zone! Cooking, working out, baking, and exploring our artistic talents are some of the activities that bring us solace. If like us, you love to cook and are creating new dishes every day, surprising your family and friends, then we bring to you a brand which is going to take your recipes to the next level! Liv in Nature is a brand that focuses on bringing natural ingredients and goodness to your immunity and kitchens. Ingredients in their product range are sourced directly from farmers who do not use any sort of pesticides or herbicides on the crops! Not to mention, they are great immunity boosters and have wonderful health benefits. It literally cannot get any more natural than this! 

Their product range includes exotic items such as Tulsi  Drops for immunity, Ginger drops, Lemon Grass drops, Masala Tea Drops, Cinnamon drops and so much more for just less than INR 200! ‘One drop goes a long way’ indeed! These oils are not only a great addition for your dishes but also have great medical properties. They also have a range of Natural Essential Oils for body, skin, hairs such as Basil Oil, Ajwain Seed Oil, Lemon Oil, Cumin Seed Oil, and much more! In case you’re still not sure, read on below to see some of its medical beneficial properties: 

- Aids in Digestion
- Improves Fertility
- Potent Pain Reliever
- Relieves Nasal Congestion
- Detoxifier
- Improves Blood cholesterol 

Pro Tip:

We don’t know about you but we’re completely sold! It’s a great investment for the kitchen, a must-have investment for our bodies (given the current scenario. Yes COVID 19, we’re talking about you), and it doesn’t even burn a hole in your pocket.