5 Online Book Clubs To Achieve Your Reading Goals

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While we’re all social distancing and self quarantining in the time of Covid-19, we’re really missing those long (and sometimes loud) conversations with our friends where we’d just discuss books we’ve read and why our book recommendation was definitely better than theirs. Luckily, there are tons of interactive online book clubs that are helping us read more and talk more! Read on for 5 book clubs that you should definitely check out!

Delhi Book Club

Delhi Book Club has been recommending and reviewing books since 2008 and is now 6,500+ members strong! Their Facebook group is the hub for updates and discussions around the book of the month and they’re clear with their aim - this club is to discuss books and only books! They also host offline discussions, which we’re sure will be back once quarantine is over, where they dress up as characters from the book of the month and reenact scenes.

Reese’s Book Club

This 100% online book club is one of our top picks for sure! Started by Reese Witherspoon, she picks one book every month with one strong female character at the center of the story. Through her Instagram page with 1.5 million followers, she holds regular discussions and even interviews with the authors. We especially love how she picks books with certain topics that are deemed difficult. Plus, their Instagram gives us major #bookinspo! 

Silent Book Club

Silent Book Club was started in 2012 and now it has over 240 chapters (aka cities) participating all over the world! Their Facebook group is one of the most active ones with people giving (and asking) book recommendations, heartwarming and even cheeky book-related personal stories. They’re now hosting virtual book club meetups around the world!

The Non-Fiction Book Club Of India

Whether you’re a strictly non-fiction reader or a fiction lover looking to delve into the non-fiction book world, this group will welcome both types of readers! This book club hosts group reading sessions and discusses a wide variety of topics from economics to feminism to science and beyond. 

Indian Book Club

In the Indian Book Club, readers not only share reviews and recommendations, they also share personalised posts such as their own book collections, special edition finds and even share/sell books they’ve already read and loved. This holistic book club also lists deals and offers on books on the internet.