Cook It Up A Notch: Follow These Chefs & Bakers And Make The Most Of Staying At Home

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If there's one thing we've figured out during the COVID-19 house arrest situation is that all of us can cook. A month back, most of us didn't have the time nor the mental bandwidth to try out new recipes. Now, we have the time, resources (well, almost) and the will to cook. While some of us (including myself) are recent recruits others have already aced the art of cooking. For the former, here's a list of genius chefs and bakers from around the globe that you need to follow right now on Instagram and maybe, just maybe, by the end of all this we all will start writing our own cookbooks. Time to take that apron out! 

Deb Perelman - @smittenkitchen

Deb Perelman's Smitten Kitchen will definitely leave you smitten with all the beautiful colours on her page. Vegan, vegetarian, baked breads and almost every kind of dish can be found on her page. You can follow her stories for some hacks that will help you get that perfect final result. You can probably start by following her Chicken Curry recipe or Banana Bread on Instagram and her personal blog.  

Tejasvi Chandela - @cheftejasvichandela

Tejasvi Chandela, a pastry chef based out of Jaipur, makes cooking seem like a (chocolate-oozing) piece of cake, quite literally. She recently made an eggless Banana Upside Down cake on her father's birthday and just writing about is making me salivate. All her recipes contain the required ingredients and steps on how to go about cooking/baking. Her videos are extremely descriptive and you can take note from her videos. Follow her hastag #whatamicraving for her recipes she's putting during the quarantine period. While you can watch most of her recipes on her Instagram page, she also has a YouTube channel that you can check out. Go bake that cake now. 

Archit Agarwal - @architlost

This New Delhi-based chef has the most droolworthy pictures of food on Instagram. Home-made pizzas from scratch, anyone? Archit Agarwal has curated a tremendous list of recipes that includes easy-to-make cold brew coffee, crispy quesadillas, decadent chocolate brownies, caramel popcorn and oh so much more. I mean, who doesn't love a bowl of crunchy salted caramel popcorn while quarantine binge-watching? I know I do (not guilty). All his dishes are approved by his adorable Rottweiler for all the floof lovers out there. Check out his blog for more recipes. 

Hannah Sunderani -

This one is for all the vegetarians out there. Hannah Sunderani has on her blog all plant-based recipes that you can go through and try. Everything from Eggplant and Lentil Meatball Spaghetti to Stuffed Bean Potatoes, she will make you forget all those meat-based dishes with her healthy vegan alternatives. I mean, it's never too late to start eating healthy and working on your immunity, now more than ever. Go, follow, now. 

Anahita Dhondy - @anahitadhondy

Anahita Dhondy believes in zero waste and has done plenty of recipes that revolve around the same. We're talking Baked Spicy Cheesy Eggs On Beans with leftover Rajma, Beetroot Tikkis and the likes. Innovative yet sustainable cooking is what one can learn from her recipes. She will tell you what to do with those overripe bananas and trust us, you'll definitely thank her for that. Anahita Dhondy's recipes are easy to follow and will definitely leave you feeling satiated and happy. Follow her now. 

Natasha Kravchuk - @natashaskitchen

Chicken Parmesan, Potato Pancakes, Chocolate Lava Cakes and many such dishes have been made fun and simple by Natasha Kravchuk. Her kitchen is so organised and pantry so systematic, you'd want to redo yours. Follow her for some feel-good Tiramisu and other recipes. 

Mike Greenfield - @lifebymikeg

Sandwiches over anything? This chef is a master of fluffy breads. Mike Greenfield will make you fall in love with the many different kinds of sandwiches that he prepares in his sandwich series. Be it Scandinavian, Nordic or our classic Indian sandwiches (Vadapav), he's made them all. If you an aspiring baker, be sure to check out his basic guides to making homemade croissants 

Yugina Sudan - @feedteachtrip

For those of us away from home and looking for some comfort food, Yugina has a lock-down meal plan for you that will take you back in time. Pumpkin Bhaji, Sugar-free Oats Chocolate Pudding to Buttermilk Pancakes, she loves to try out a variety of different dishes with easily accessible resources, while also giving tiny things to remember in between. If you're someone who is just starting out, her Instagram is the place to be. I tried out her recipe for Banoffee Pie (and failed miserably at first) and almost aced it by the fourth attempt. 

Stephen Cusato - @thefoodfreakk

Based out of New York, Stephen Cusato will compel you to visit your kitchens more often. His quarantine cooking includes delectable Minestrone Soup, Oatmeal with a risotto-like spin, Green Bean and Cucumber Salad and more. Given how all stores are running out of supplies, he focuses on how we must buy fresh and organic vegetables and not waste any at home. Go check out how he makes vegetable stock and broths. With some groovy music in the background watch him make some of the most mouth watering dishes. You can also subscribe to his channel, "Not Another Cooking Show" on YouTube. 

Janey Schafer - @foodsofjane

Hailing from Cleveland, Janey Schafer Hardy is all about acing that noodle game. She does a lot of original recipes which mostly include pasta and noodle based dishes. We're talking Lemon Butter Pasta, Miso Buttered Noodles with garlic, Flat noodles with just three ingredients! Yes, only three. Who knew there would be so many different ways to make a pasta! Check out her blog and Instagram page now and get cooking.