Kill Your Boredom With These Online Games & Win Crazy Rewards


What keeps you sane while you are waiting for your turn at the doctor’s clinic? Or what helps you overcome the boredom and tiredness when traveling back home? If your answer is online games, then you are in the right place. With millions of options available online, we have picked up few evergreen games that one can never get bored of!


This online trivia game is taking the world by a storm. This easy peasy game is where you answer the live questions and win cash back at your convenience.  You got to be smart and prompt to win the same!


Poker is a card game that’s gaining a lot of popularity all across the world that involves strategy and betting{now can be played online too}. In this game of skill and chance, you can win some money too! {wink wink}


The pool also is known as pocket billiards, in many countries has been more than just a game but a reason to socialize. This game has different variations and rules depending upon the number of players. Now if you are looking to stay entertained, Pool is your answer!


Another card game has made it to our list! Rummy is a card game where you aim to build melds that consists or sets and sequences. If you think you are smart enough to slay this? There are various rummy portals that let you win rewards.


Often played at clubs and bars, Bingo is a no-brainer and helps you pass time. With multiple online portals, you can register and get going with this fun game. Did we mention you can win rewards too? Time to flaunt your skills online with a crazy amount of rewards!

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