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Online Shoppers, We Bet You Didn’t Know This Cool Hack That Can Win You A Free Flight Ticket!

Abhijeet posted on 28 November

How often do you transact online? Be it shopping for a range of trendy clothes on Myntra, checking out the latest Echo dot on Amazon, getting the swanky new phone on Flipkart, adding that cool bookshelf from Urban Ladder or filling your kitchen with daily essentials at Bigbasket, the list of online purchases is endless. But, did you know that each of these transactions can get you closer to a dream vacation? We present to you a brilliant chrome extension {only for your desktop} you had no idea you needed yesterday called JetPrivilege Scout – The official google chrome extension of JetPrivilege that will help you spot JPMiles, earning opportunities and getting you closer to free flights faster than ever! Once downloaded, this extension you’ll receive pops up during relevant activities to remind you of or lead you to all partner portals you can earn JPMiles with. And of course, the more your JPMiles, the more free flights! The partners mentioned above are just a few online portals that JetPrivilege has partnered up with and you can check out all the other shopping partners here. JetPrivilege Scout is a cool extension that will make your online shopping a lot more guilt-free and oh so rewarding. Besides all this, the JetPrivilege Scout is also available for hotel bookings, flight bookings, table reservations, booking unique experiences and other online activities. Download the Chrome extension here, thank us later and tell us how many JPMiles did you earn?