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    Suchita posted on 11 September

    By Editors

    Too busy working, too lazy to step out or just tired of finding parking in jam-packed markets around Delhi… Sound like a familiar excuse? When you're relentless in sprucing up your home or working space, and time constraints are all too many, there's online shopping to the rescue! LBBD's Bani Chawla introduced you to a few of her favorite websites for home-decor shopping here, and we're continuing on our trail for virtual spaces that will have you swiping your cards again. And again.

    Ready, set? Get your shop on.

    Design Emporia | 

    A proclaimed one-stop-shop for Indian designers, at first glance, Design Emporia impresses as a platform for super-talented furniture designers from our country including Sahil and Sarthak, Studio Saswata and Design Concept. While the collection may be limited, what's an instant draw-in is the innovation in design; multicolored strings intertwined, supported by a bright fuschia frame come together in Athena chairs and stools; web-like metal designs support clear glass to make a showpiece table. There's thought and creativity in the lampshades, furnishings and accessories that DesignEmporia retails. The only downside - it's not particularly affordable.

    Our product picks? Double thumbs up for the Anand & Anuj Ambalal stools, Sahil Sarthak Chairs, Uzma Ahmedi over-the-hook and Srishti Bajaj table.





    Zansaar | 

    A stark contrast from Design Emporia, Zansaar covers all the basics for home-decor. Furniture, cutlery, glassware, bathroom and patio furniture - the list is extensive! While what's available may not be cutting edge in terms of aesthetic and design, Zansaar is conveniently constructed and organized to keep users browsing for a while. If it's your first time doing up a home and if you're on a budget, you'll be happy with what you will find on the site. If at the end of the day all you need is a sturdy, good chair or a shelf to stack your books on, then you're well covered.

    As lovers of everything vintage and inspired, we were drawn to their vintage clock collection - fairly affordable at INR 1500 {approx}. We also quite liked their collection of simple, everyday furniture, like this solid wood storage unit.



    Zansaar 2


    Roomstory |

    Another website that covers the A to Z of doing up a home! What could have been an explosion of information is well categorized and curated on RoomStory, which offers a stellar range of simple furniture, kitchenware, tableware, linen… and the list goes on and on. What intrigued us the most was the wall decals they offer! From chandeliers to Michael Jackson, monkeys to Tinkerbell - you can have them painted on your walls! The furniture on offer isn't too exciting - we'd stick to Zansaar for that - but it's the fun, funky stuff that'll get your attention.

    Browse… you'll find a thing or two to pick up.



    Jaypore & India Circus | &

    We've told you about Jaypore and India Circus before; but these are websites we find ourselves returning to again and again - even if you don't buy anything, they can inspire any decor first-timer to plan a room makeover.

    Jaypore assimilates all things subtle, discreet, tasteful and artisanal. Their focus has always been on more traditional styles - seen in their earth-tone rugs, block-printed bedspreads, table covers and napkins, brass serveware, and indigo and tan ceramic platters. It's sophisticated and tastefully curated - and given that they update their collections from time to time, and that items sell out fairly fast, keep your eye out for locally {and internationally} sourced finds. Prices vary extensively- some accents could set you back a few hundred bucks, while others could take on two of your credit cards. But hey - there's nothing like money well spent.

    Jaypore_Stand Jaypore_Rug

    Bringing in all things kitsch, pop-mughal, fuschia and teal is India Circus. An empty, boring wall calls for a kaleidoscopic ras-leela print, grey and beige sofas that need spunk can be accessorized with a paisley printed cushion and keep your makeup/stationery in a Jalebi Hipster Singh utility pouch. While some may argue that the prints are OTT and found way too often in Delhi's homes {why, thankyou Good Earth}, we can't get enough of the fun, vividity and liveliness that India Circus brings. Our product picks

    IC 1_Jalebi Singh Puch IC2_Stand

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