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Dry Skin All Year Round? 7 Skincare Brands Will Do Right By You!

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Fortunate are those who fight dry patches and cracks in the skin only during the winter season. No, honestly. I have dry skin all throughout the year and always yearn for that glowing, moisturised skin. But like they say, when there's dry skin, there's incredible skincare to the rescue. So fellas, scroll down for a roundup of our top brands that are effectively treating dry skin. 

Let's get cracking (or not!). 

Wildflower Naturals

Kickstarting the list with this chemical-free skincare heavy hitter, Wildflower Naturals. They have a wide range of handmade bath and body products that are free of parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, silicones and other such nasty chemicals. For dry skin, they have a few face and clay packs that are work like magic when it comes to treating dryness. Activated Charcoal Face Pack for deep cleansing, Turmeric and Neem Face Pack for radiance, French Pink Clay Pack for sensitive skin - these are a few of the many products they have for dry skin. 

Price: Starting at INR 250 upwards 

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The Palm Care Company

Subjected to sanitisers and handwashes a gazillion times a day, our palms are the most neglected when it comes to our skincare routine. As is suggestive from the name, The Palm Care Company makes organic hand creams that provide deep nourishment to your skin. Bonus, they leave your hands smelling heavenly. These folks offer many options like Peach, Vanilla, Berries, Orange and more, so take your pick. Oh, and they're cruelty-free too! 

Price: Starting at INR 275

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Ozone Ayurvedics

Ozone Ayurvedics

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Ozone Ayurvedics has a wide range of herbal skincare like face gels, toners, moisturisers, cleansers, face packs, scrubs and more. As for treating dry skin, their Glo Radiance range skincare is the most effective. It consists of a Butter Blend Massage Cream, Cell Renewal Exfoliant Scrub and Facial Oil. Scrub, oil, moisturise and bid adieu to dehydrated skin. 

Price: Starting at INR 175 

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This Peta-certified cruelty-free brand, Vedaearth does a bunch of really cool skincare ranging from under eye oils to face mists and lots more. They have a Moisturising Face Wash, Body Wash and Cleansing Facial Oil specifically for dry skin. These are vegan, paraben-free, sulphate-free and are made up of natural ingredients like coconut milk, lavender, apricot and chamomile which great for intense hydration and repair. 

Price: Starting at INR 325 

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Dense with natural agents only, Zyna is your one-stop destination for clean skincare and beauty. Toners are crucial for achieving a balanced skin pH level and Zyna's Multi-Active Rejuvenating Toner assists in the same perfectly. The product also promotes skin brightening which is quite honestly a bummer. The brand's also got a sulphate-free foaming face wash made up of hibiscus flower oil, aloe vera leaf, cucumber, bamboo extracts and quite honestly, it works like magic on dehydrated skin. 

Price: Starting at INR 495 

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Herbis Botanicals


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Remember that glow and radiance we talked about in the beginning? Well, coming back to that, this brand is going to help you make the most of that golden hour. Herbis Botanicals is a cruelty-free, vegan brand that does quality facial oils. Their Superhero Sensorial Face Oil consists of hemp, evening primrose and rosehip seed oil and gardenia essential oil. These super oils are bound to give your skin a smooth, glowing finish. 

Price: Starting at INR 590  

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Oleum Cottage Crème

Oleum Cottage

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Rounding out the list with another cruelty-free brand with all-natural elements in their skincare range, Oleum Cottage. Their Ultra Nourishing Crème never fails to soothe the skin with its magical ingredients like cold-pressed oils of Argan, chamomile essential oil, lavender and other organic stuff. Similarly, Oleum's Moisture Replenishing Skin Tonic has agents that instantly impart the dewy, hydrated texture to dry skin. 

Price: Starting at INR 315

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