Kolkata Chanachur To Jaipuri Daalmel: Get Local Savoury Snacks From Postcard


    What Makes It Awesome

    Postcard Snacks is an online brand that's bringing delicious local snacks from across India to our doorstep. They currently offer 8 snacks - Sattur Seeval, Jaipuri Watermelon Seeds, Bengaluru Hurigalu, Jamnagari Chiwda, Burhanpuri Gathiya, Jaipuri Daalmel, Kolhapuri Bhadang, and Kolkata Chanachur. The snacks are all made with locally sourced ingredients, using heirloom recipes, and reach us directly from their place of origin. Clean, savoury snacks with no preservatives and artificial flavours are what you're guaranteed to get here.

    We got the Kolkata Chanachur (INR 65 for 120g) from them a while back and it transported us right to Park Street. It was crispy, fresh, and the perfect companion for those rainy days. Are we munching on it while writing this? The keyboard would surely say so. Our next trip is to Bengaluru and Jaipur. See you, folks!

    PS: You can shop for Postcard Snacks right here on LBB.