From OoooLong To Masala Chaaahai: Treat Yourself With This Brand’s Teas

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    What Makes It Awesome

    S, this is T, U and V Would love to have. Figuring out why I’m trying wordplay with letters from the alphabets? It’s because the teas on offer from The Tea Boutique have left me spellbound (get it, get it?). Started by the tea-loving duo of Satakshi and Sakshi, the idea was to source and sell loose leaf teas from and to all over the globe. The Tea Boutique boasts of an ample selection of blended teas, refrains from the usage of tea bags and their tea leaves can be stored in just about any container without losing their flavour.

    On offer, the brand has teas ranging from Black, Oolong, Ayurvedic, White, Green, Herbal Teas and even mixes for Ice Teas. However, we’d recommend the Rose Green Tea, a naturally sweet and soothing blend of rose petals and green tea that houses a little corner for some peppermint. Best for brunch and high tea, we say. You could even go for their kahwa, with its pronounced nutmeg flavour binding all other spices in a fanteastic harmony. They also have the orthodox masala chai with its strong flavours and big tea leaves for any regular all-time-tea lover.

    And now, for those of you in love with 'something different,’ the brand’s Chocolate Black Tea is another must-try. With granules of dark chocolate melting away into nothingness as the black tea clears your mouth with every sip, this is a calming drink, suggestively after dinner.

    All their teas are free of additives and sold in sizes from 50g-250g with prices around INR 599 to INR 2,500.


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      Available on LBB