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This Pineapple-Based Drink Is Like The Winter Sun In A Bottle

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What Makes It Awesome

Every once in a while comes a trend that gets so big, you get FOMO if you haven't tried it. Last year's was kombucha but I'm predicting (and you can quote me on this) tepache will take over all that hype and rightfully so. Tepache's basically a Mexican probiotic brew made by fermenting fresh pineapples so it gets fizzy like a soda (without all the bad stuff in regular ones.) Heypache, India's first tepache brand, makes it all by hand and it's 100% natural.

I got to try all 3 flavours, their Sunset Pineapple (classic), Midnight Berry (infused with black currants) and the Activated Charcoal (with extra ginger.) I loved that all their drinks are sweetened using molasses instead of regular sugar. I was surprised by how fizzy the drinks were and they felt super refreshing. My favourite had to be the Midnight Berry which was tangy, fizzy and sweet enough.

You can order Heypache by hitting the "Message" button here, or pick it up at Greenr (Vasant Vihar, GK or Gurgaon).

Price: INR 150 per bottle


I think these drinks would also be awesome as mixers with gin or vodka so I'm gonna save a few bottles for Saturday night. Plus, they're raw, preservative-free and aid digestion so that'd make your cocktails technically healthy (no? Okay.)