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Masala & Sons

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What Makes It Awesome

For all the pasta and sushi in the world, there comes a day when all we want is a hearty meal of 'desi' food and by that, I mean butter chicken, a good mutton curry, a slew of kebabs and perfect naans. So far that wish remained relatively unfulfilled not because we couldn't order this stuff in but because it never, 'just right'. Either the butter chicken was on the way too sweet side or the mutton wasn't cooked enough or the bread was leathery and then, then, Masala & Sons happened to us.
Apart from the adorable name, I noticed that the menu had every single dish on our collective family wishlist, down to the husband's choice of a vegetarian Galouti (how and why?!). It turns out that the kitchen is owned by a business tycoon with stores across Delhi and Punjab, who's love for good Indian food went on to become Masala & Sons, I could see a lot of 'Punjab' going on and that's always a good thing. Coming to the menu, we had a feast that could have fed double the number of people in our home but we're up for the feast again, that's how much we enjoyed it. Let me start with the Mushroom Galouti that could well be a Lamb Galouti because it was so perfectly seasoned, it's vegetarian-ness was of no consequence, it was delicious. The Seekh Kebabs that followed had that terracotta hue we grew up with and the flavour of coal that makes a perfect kebab, all brought together by a great spice blend and good meat. Speaking of meat, I personally loved the Rara Gosht Patiala, Rara Gosht is made with a base curry of minced meat to which mutton pieces are added, what I found lovely was that the mince was chunky (probably hand minced), just like it ought to be, this dish is a must-have. Another must-have has got to be the Lahsooni Salmon Tikka mainly because Salmon is a delicate fish and to tandoor cook, it is a tricky thing to do, the fact that it reached us moist and full of flavour is a feat in itself if Salmon is too fishy for you the have options with Sole Fish as well. Now to the basics, any kitchen that does basics well is already a superior kitchen in my opinion. The Butter chicken and the Dal Makhni from Masala & Sons were both spot-on, aptly called the Dilliwala Butter Chicken, the balance of sweet/salt and spice was perfect. The Dal Makhni was rich, thick and creamy without being overly heavy, paired with fluffy naans that travelled rather well and a few tandoori rotis, this was all in all, one fine meal. Since even a basic roti can let you down, I loved my meal more because the bread was well made too, don't miss the Jalapeno Naan and the Chilli Olive Naan, we loved it because some like it HOT.


They have pretty tempting vegetarian options too, so get ordering!