Sustainable, Vegan And Affordable: This Ayurvedic Brand Is The Real Deal!

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Herb Sense

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What makes it awesome?

Aren’t you tired of chemical infused skin-care products? Isn’t your body out of much needed herbal and natural nourishment? Does your immunity need a boost with the pandemic looming large on you? If yes, then this herbal brand is here to sweep you off your feet! Herbsense, with its awesome ayurvedic content, will nourish your body like never before. They are 100% natural, herbal and vegan, to help you be at one with nature. Their amazing handcrafted and sustainable products will not only pamper you but will also make Mother Earth a better place!

This ayurvedic venture offers amazing vegan products that are stuffed with goodness of nature. Ranging from Jojoba infused chemical free shower gel and charcoal soaps to herbal hand wash and ayurvedic immunity booster, Herbsense is set out to make sure that your body receives the best care possible. Oh and it doesn’t end here, each of their products is carefully handcrafted and personally packed with sustainable ingredients to nourish your skin with Nature’s touch. Plus Herbsense is also coming up with new and awesome compostable bamboo toothbrush, Neem wood comb, natural loofah ,hair care line & hygiene items to help you love your body naturally! So what’s holding you back from supporting local ventures as these and helping out Mother Earth?

We don’t know about you, but we already have our carts overflowing with Herbsense’s awesome products. Hurry up and get your hands on these small packs of nature, right here on LBB!


Each of their soap comes with white tulsi seed paper, which will grow into a plant when sowed in the soil. Isn’t that awesome? So what are you waiting for? Get yourself these amazing products at super affordable rates now!