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Gluten-Free Pasta And Organic Lipsticks At The Goodness Store

    DLF Phase - 4, Gurgaon


    Find your share of goodness at The Goodness Store in Supermart, Gurgaon, which stocks food and beauty products that are organic, natural and/or eco-friendly.

    No Preservatives Added

    If, like many of us, you no longer frequent NeedsMarket because there are plenty other supermarkets to choose from, you’re more likely than not to have missed this little shop called The Goodness Store. Stocking only organic, natural {because there is a difference} and eco-friendly products, this shop gives us everything we need to be good to ourselves, as well as to the planet.

    The store curates responsible brands from around the country and overseas, so we get the best of everything. The right side of the store is dedicated to food products like pulses, spices, oils, grains and other food basics. You can find the likes of black pepper sourced from Bangalore, or red rice grown in Kerala. We’re loving the range of jowar atta, imported couscous, and raw honey.

    The last time we visited, we were pleasantly surprised by a bright basket of fresh oranges; certified-organic and grown by an independent farm-owner in the Doudladhar range.

    Organic – Only

    They have a full range of gluten-free products {from pastas and noodles to bread and cakes} to accommodate any allergy. For your home and hearth, pick up some natural essential oils and candles. They even have a range of au naturel detergents!

    If you think beauty is as much as what you do on the outside, turn to the left side of the store for bath oils, handmade soaps, and even all-natural lipstick and hair colour.

    Minimum order for delivery within Gurgaon is INR 600. For orders outside Gurgaon, delivery charges apply depending on the location.

      DLF Phase - 4, Gurgaon