Make It A Very Happy Holi With Safe & Organic Colours From These Places

The festival of colours is upon us, and if you're wondering how to celebrate Holi this year without destroying your skin and hair, we've got your back. Here’s where you can get your fix of organic colours and gulaal for a fun, yet safe Holi.


A programme by Trash to Cash, Avacayam is a temple flower recycling movement. Every day, flowers are collected directly from the temples along the rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Narmada; sorted, cut, dried and hand rolled by differently-abled people to make organic Holi colours.

Price: INR 300 + shipping

Organic India's Herbal Gulal

Organic India does a bunch of herbal Holi colours that are 100% organic, skin-friendly, and have a beautiful scent too. These come in yellow, red, pink and green colours with natural bases like arrowroot powder, turmeric, cornstarch powder, red rose powder, and spinach leaf powder. 

Price: INR 160 (inclusive of taxes).

Ahaeli's Organic Holi Colours

Ahaeli does a set of four 100g organic holi colours (red, yellow, green and blue) that are non-toxic and are made with natural ingredients like kukum, arrowroot powder, beetroot and indigo flowers. These colours also require 50% less water to wash off, so it's really a win-win situation.  

Price: INR 350 + shipping.

Sattvic Farm's Natural Gulal

Sattvic provides 100% natural, herbal gulal so that you can celebrate a safe holi. Their colours are made of herbs, flowers, organic turmeric, fruit and vegetable extracts, and medicinal plants. They can be used wet or dry, and don't stain, and are very easy to wash off. It comes in a paper pouch which makes it very convenient to use. Each pack has five pouches (of 100gm each) of the following colors - pink, yellow, green, blue, and orange. So go buy!

Price: INR 270 + shipping.

Antarkranti Naturals' Herbal Holi Gulal

Antarkranti offers handmade herbal gulals that are safe for your skin and also eco-friendly. These are made of edible grade maize starch, food colours, flower petals, and other edible ingredients. It has an eco-friendly designer packaging which makes it
 a beautiful gifting option as well. They're made by prisoners, so you're actually providing livelihood and rehabilitation opportunities to them.

Price: 120 upwards.