Sweeten Your Tea & Cakes With Organic Honey From Societe Naturelle!

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What Makes It Awesome?

There's tons of reasons why you should be making the switch to organic honey from regular sugar but this online organic honey store is making an extra strong case for it! Societe Naturelle recognises the importance of including healthy and natural foods in our diet and what makes them even better is that they're preservative-free and they also ensure their beekeepers and honey farmers ensure proper hygiene while harvesting the honey and bee pollens that comes in a lot of different flavours!
We tried the Organic Acacia Honey which we added to our morning green tea and it was the perfect way to sweeten it! The Acacia honey is also rich in antioxidants so we used it in a DIY face mask with yogurt and lemon and we have to admit, we loved the glow it gave us! We also got the Multifloral Bee Pollen, and as first-timers, it was pretty interesting! We sprinkled it over our cereal and it was surprisingly fluffier than we expected and a fun twist to add to our daily, same-old cereal. They've also got different flavoured honeys like the Litchi Honey and Jamun Honey that we're going to get once our Acacia Honey runs out.
We also love how they used eco-friendly packaging, their glass jars can be reused for years without chemically altering the food!
Price: INR 190 onwards


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