Organic Origins Peanut Butter, Which I Found At The Coffee Bond

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Possibly one of the best {and only} non-commercial {apparently} organic, smooth as silk with little chunks of peanut, peanut butter I’ve had. And I love peanut butter.

Who Will Enjoy This Place The Most?

While The Coffee Bond has been recommended on LBB many a times, what I love about them is that there’s always something new to be found whenever you make a visit to this cool cafe-next-door in Uday Park.

This past visit, #ifoundawesome in the form of organic peanut butter which they’re retailing from their cafe, and also using to make, what sounds like, a delightful peanut butter hot chocolate.

Must Try

Organic Origins is retailing two variants of their peanut butter- smooth and chunky. I picked up the Smooth version.

What Made Your Experience Awesome?

So if you’re used to eating off the shelf peanut butter, this one comes across as browner {in colour} than usual. In fact, I opened the jar in the cafe itself out of excitement, and the texture seemed super liquid-y and watery.

But worry not; it’s the oil from the peanuts taking centre stage. Just use a spoon to mix up the ingredients and you’re good to go.

About the peanut itself- it is divine! Surprisingly light, its aroma will knock your socks off. From the taste of it, it’s not processed, conservatives free, and pretty healthy- made using coconut sugar {didn’t know that was a thing} and a sprinkle of Himalayan salt.


It’s not cheap for a small jar of peanut butter. But is totally worth it. I carry it to work and hit the 4pm sugar craving with a dollop of peanut butter on a Parle G. I mean, something’s gotta give.