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Cool Outdoor Furniture Or Balcony Makeovers, This One Brand’s Got You Sorted


    Put Handmade World on MG Road on your must-visit if you’re re-doing your house or outdoor patch. They’re not only well-stocked with garden decor and furniture but also undertake balcony makeover projects if you’ve got ideas but not the creative gene or expert execution skills.

    Bar Bar Dekho

    If you haven’t guessed already, everything at this store is made by hand. The furniture comes with a 5-year warranty so if the swing you got starts straining at the seams or a piece from the scooter-front bar falls off, you can call them without second thoughts. Because the whole idea is to help you create a calm, relaxed vibe, their store has amassed everything from loungers to planters and swing chairs to

    From full-fledged bar sets fit for a mansion to the smallest, sweetest poufs and birdcages, your picky self will never be short of options here. In fact, if you ask us, the only thing limiting here might be your creativity and when that happens, you just have to get their design team on board to create that vertical garden that looks straight out of an Instagram post. 

    Not Just Another Store...

    Yes, it’s going to be an overwhelming trip through the grass and planters and wicker coffee chairs but we aren’t just here to tell you what all you can score here. They have just ventured into interior design and have taken over a house in Goa where they are working on re-creating that chilled out vibe they stand for for the house owners.

    All this home shopping isn’t the only way they help you create that space to unwind, they even organise classes and hands-on workshops… Just so you can take off from office and try your hands at pottery, for instance. Next in pipeline is a street play enactment. We think it might be a great idea to drop by while the performance is on so you’re killing two birds with one visit: Furniture shopping and an out-of-the-box theatrical outing.