Saturday Scenes: This Cosy Movie Night With Beer & Fries

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What Is It?

Remember the beautiful Sunset Cinema and DrinksOnMe collab that organised the Pulp Fiction screening at the Akshara amphitheatre?

They’re back with Fight Club {on Jan 28} and this time, it’s happening at our favourite fries place in town, Potet. So we're guessing we'll see you with beer in one hand and cheesy fries in the other?

Who Is It For?

Movie buffs who don’t like being stuck in cramped movie halls with chatty uncles and brawling, kicking babies. We’re talking a grown-up movie experience for Brad Pitt fans who want to relive the nostalgia associated with one of the greatest cult movies of all times.

Why Should I Go For It?

Photo source: Wallpapers Craft

Photo source: Wallpapers Craft

You get to enjoy the Delhi winter and watch Fight Club on the big screen. And for when the movie gets a bit too dark, you can turn to your bottle of beer or bae {take him/her along… it’ll be a fun date}.

Anything Else?

LBB app users {download the app if you haven't already!} get a 10 per cent discount on tickets with the promo code LBBAPP10.

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When: Jan 28

Where: Potet

Timings: 6pm

Featured photo courtesy: DrinksOnMe