Outfit Hunting For A Brunch? Ayaany's Got Just What You Need

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Their approach to fashion is contemporary and minimal, and still somehow doesn't lose the ethnic finish, especially with the crop tops and blouses in cotton and wool blends. They've got a good stock of summer and winter dresses, solid coats and jackets and some smattering of ethnic (but not OTT) jewellery, bed sheets and even a home positivity section (with feng shui things and home fragrances). Jumping to the back section; that's where all the traditional stuff is. They've got chanderi saris and stoles, more blouses, dupattas and long skirts that you can mix and match. The price range too, is fairly affordable (as far as the commercial standard is).

    What Could Be Better

    They have another outlet in Good Earth City Centre. But I wish there was one on the Delhi side as well.

    How Much Did It Cost

    ₹1,000 - ₹3,000
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