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White Chocolate Paan? Stop By Paan Singh And Try It Yourself

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If you’re an ahaata enthusiast, you’ve definitely hung out at Sohna Road and that’s where you’ll find this uber cool ‘paanwala’ who plays by his own gastronomical rules. No brass bucket to dunk the leaves and no little pots of ‘chuna’ – this is an after-meal dessert like no other!

Mixing It Up

We’ve all stopped for paan after a round of drinks and tikkas or heavier still, curries and biryani. At Paan Singh, you get to combine your love for paan with dessert and indulge them both. First off, it’s super hygienic, with paan being made, and kept fresh, every few hours. It’s also served over crushed ice, so you can rinse your fingers in the earthenware bowl when you’re done.

Now let’s talk flavours. This isn’t the usual chocolate game and they have flavours ranging from Hazelnut Chocolate to Dark Rum and Chocolate. If you’re in the mood to experiment, then try the Strawberry, White Chocolate or one of our personal favourites, the Walnut Paan.

They’ve taken fruit to another level with Kiwi and Mango, ideal for the summer! For old-school paan eaters, there’s the usual Sada and Meetha paan too but it’s the Meetha Frozen paan that is the real discovery here.

Is That It?

Nope! This is also where you can get your fix of imported soft beverages, ciggies, gourmet {branded} chocolates and liqueur chocolates too, all available till 2am. They also stock a variety of cigarette papers and flavoured tobaccos too.

So We’re Saying...

Considering they’re nestled beside a theka and outside an ahaata, you’re pretty much sorted in the food and beverage department too. If none of those options appeal to you then stop by, after dinner, just for the paan.