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Subscribe To Doggy Style For Boxes Of Surprise Goodies, Perfumes, Accessories & Treats For Pupper

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Doggy Style is a dog lifestyle brand which caters to all your doggo’s needs in the form of monthly subscription boxes which contain all the products your pet needs over the month.

Goodies, Grooming Kits, And Cookies!

Humans tend to get caught up in their oh-so-busy lives and ignore their dogs’ needs more often than not, and Doggy Style intends to take care of that problem. They offer different kinds of subscription boxes you get on a monthly basis which include all the essentials you need to give your furball the pawrfect lifestyle.

Their products are approved by their Doggo-in-Chief, Cypher, and he decides which products are the best fit for your pet. You can be sure of the quality of products since Cypher does not like to screw around when it comes to it {best screening process ever?}.

You will be asked for details about your pet when you’re subscribing to the service, so you get the best custom box delivered to you.

The Boxes

On launch, Doggy Style will offer the following subscription boxes:

Surprise Goodie Box, which will include a variety of dog accessories and treats.

Grooming Essentials Box, which will have a monthly supply of dog grooming products like shampoos, perfumes, toothbrushes and much more.

A Stray Dog Box for people who do not have a pet dog but take care of a stray dogs around the house, which will have essential items for a street dog like deworming cookies, non-sugary biscuits, raincoats and much more.

They’ll also have two add on boxes viz. a dog first aid box and a dog starter box packed with all essentials a new pet parent would need.

Sounds pawsome!

So, We’re Saying…

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie pet parent or a seasoned pupper owner, Doggy Style will offer the perfect solutions and products your pet will need for a good tail-wagging month.

Sign up on their website to get informed of the launch here and check out their doggy Instagram here.