Don't Overthink Your Shoes, These Flats Will Match With Everything

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What Makes It Awesome

Ask me to put on a pair of heels for an event and I'll probably try to come up with 10 excuses for why I can't make it. I can't be the only one thankful for the shift from heels to flats; they're now super trendy and with fancier designs, they can easily be worn out for special occasions, too. Panache By Prerna is a footwear label for women where they make shoes that are "easy to wear, easy to pair" so basically not only are they comfortable, they also go with everything. 

One thing I really love about their shoes is the faux leather insole which takes the shape of your foot as you wear it and makes it extra comfortable, as if it was customised specially for your foot. The sleek designs also make them look modern and trendy and they can easily be styled with jeans or kurtas, for a casual coffee out or brunch with your girls. 

They come in a ton of styles like the boho beaded ones, some ruched ones (perfect for summer) and even some Indian-inspired pairs that would be perfect to wear to small gatherings or day functions.

Check out the collection here on the LBB Shop! 


Okay, okay, for those of you who still like to wear heels, they have some really awesome options like heeled sandals with straps that are super popular RN if you've been following the flossing trend on Instagram.