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Say Hello To Bunny Chow Next Time You’re On Campus

    Satya Niketan, Delhi


    Papa Buns is a relatively new place in the always-busy Hudson Lane {with another joint in Satyaniketan} which seeks to introduce us to the bunny chow and more.

    Chow Down

    The bunny chow is the main attraction of the menu. A South African fast food staple, originating in the Indian immigrant community in Durban, the bunny chow involves a loaf of bread, hollowed out and filled with curry. We tried the butter chicken bunny chow {insert butter chicken as national bird joke} and were pleasantly surprised. 

    The gravy was well done with plenty to go, which meant that leftover dry bread was not a possibility. Plus, the plate came with the inside of the loaf {generously buttered}, spicy onion rings, pudina chutney and a coleslaw-esque salad. No complains here.

    Upping Their Bun Game

    Papa Buns also does pizzas and other usual favourites, along with a variety of buns. You can choose a plain buttered bun or one of the savoury stuffed ones. We went for the vegetable bun, which was filled with cheese and veggies, but funnily enough, had a sweet crust.

    Among their drinks, the minty paan mojito stands as a winner. The menu lists it as a secret, and it’s one we’d like to know to get us through the abominable Delhi summers. Another ‘secret’ beverage is their saffron shake, but we were informed it’s not available, so we’re putting that off for our next trip to Papa Buns.

    So, We're Saying...

    There isn’t much to write home about the décor, but service was polite. In conclusion, if you find yourself looking to get away from mundane lunch meals, but stray not too far from your desi palate, give the bunny chow here a try.

      Satya Niketan, Delhi