Eat Tasty Papdi Chaat Or A Delish Chinese Platter At Lemon Drops

    What Makes It Awesome

    The ambiance here is quite lively and kid-friendly. The place looks pleasant and inviting for someone looking to have a fulfilling vegetarian meal but on a budget. The menu is quite expansive with North Indian , South Indian, Chinese, and street food along with varied dessert options too. My recommendation from the menu would definitely be their papdi chaat. It's one of the best I have had for sure. The papdis used were crisp and fresh. The dahi was perfectly sweet and cold and the combination of the tangy and delectable mint and tamarind chutney would leave you wanting for more. All these reasons make the place ideal for a family to have a nice lunch or dinner.

    What Could Be Better?

    I felt the service can be a tad better. Also, considering there is limited seating available, the place gets a little cramped on weekends, especially during dinner..

    What's My Pro Tip

    Its best to grab a seat first and then place your orders, more so if you happen to be there on weekends as seating can be an issue at times.

    Anything Else?

    In case you want to try a little bit of everything in a specific cuisine, their platters are your best bet. They don't disappoint and are totally value for money. Their Chinese platter is priced at INR 195 which includes chow mein, momos, manchurian, fried rice and chop suey. It is a sufficient meal for one person. Also, the South Indian or the street food platters are again meals to look out for. Priced at INR 210 each, they will leave your taste buds satisfied for sure.