Cactus-Shaped Mugs, Chicken Staplers & More: Paperchase Stocks All The Cool Stuff

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A friend introduced us to Paperchase and since then, we’ve bookmarked this website and have just been going through their catalogue, adding things to our wishlist and hoping that we’ll soon get our hands on one of these beauties {we’re eyeing the Cactus-mug}.

A UK-based brand, Paperchase sells everything from envelopes and paper clips to phone cases and even lunch accessories. Check out some of the coolest finds on this website we’ve shortlisted.


Paperchase is a virtual paradise for all stationery addicts. Their panda highlighters and chicken staplers will get you excited and you’ll probably starting saving up already. They also have a range of personalised dairies and gifts on which you can get names embossed and even add messages inside.

We particularly love the dragonfly journal that’ll make you go all “Dear diary” every single day. And don’t even get us started about the erasers. From scented doughnut erasers, to ice cream erasers and even macaroons, you’d want to stock all of their yummy eraser sets.

They also have flamingo paper clips, fancy felt tip pen sets and well, just a lot of stationery we can spend hours admiring.


Paperchase, for some odd reason, is obsessed with cactus, so they have cactus mugs, cactus ice trays, cactus take out cups and everything that’s making cactus look good {who knew, right?}. Very good.

Think cactus doesn’t make the cut? Check out the starry mug which makes six well-known constellations appear when you fill it with hot water or the lobster oven glove that’s giving us more reasons to bake {or at least try to}. More utility items like the BBQ kit and Watermelon Salt & Pepper shakers can also make the cut.

Home Decor

Just when we thought Paperchase couldn’t get any better, we discovered their home decor section and were blown away by what we found.

Your photographer friend would love the DSLR Alarm clock and if you’re a traveller at heart, this green globe lamp would look really nice with the numerous lonely planet books by your bedside. We also found a cute banana beach towel, macaron candles, trinket dishes, watering cans and well yes, a lot of great stuff.

Art & Craft Supplies

You’ll find paints, paintbrushes, stamp seal kits, DIY dream catcher kits, sketch books, pastel washi tapes, canvases and every imaginable art and craft material on Paperchase to help you create something that is nothing short of being a masterpiece. Even if you’re someone who has zero artistic skills {like us}, you’d want to buy these products and learn how to use them well.

And if painting’s not your thing, they have the passive aggressive colouring books to help you de-stress and feel like a kid all over again.

Bags & Cases

This website stocks funky bags and cases in plenty. We love everything from the Gloss Like A Boss make up bag,  and Fold & Fly purse to the grey maps passport case, the brown leather pencil case and monkey puzzle glass case. Paperchase also offers laptop cases, bags and phone cases, to help you protect you precious gadgets in style.