Stationery Hoarders, This E-Store Has Bookmarks & More Starting At Just INR 30!

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Love hoarding stationery? Well then, you are definitely going to love this online brand called 'Paperphile' that does really cool bookmarks, notebooks, ping cards, postcards, and much more. Soothing colour tones and design inspiration taken from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Harry Potter, Big Bang Theory, and others do surely draw us to this e-store (again and again, no kidding!)

    Think of a card with an illustration of the Sorting Hat, a notebook whose cover reads, 'Smelly Cat' (you remember Smelly Cat, right?), or a bookmark that illustrates zodiac signs - you are surely going to love them all. 

    And guess what, their prices start at INR 30 (wooooahh!), So, don't wait and start shopping already.


    If you're planning that fun gift for a friend, you can mix and match and come up with a lot of quirky gifting options!

      Available Online