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    Plato rightly said, "Necessity is the mother of all inventions" and this brand is testimony to that. Headquartered in Mumbai and available across the country, Paragraph Stores is a stationery brand that was built on the idea of enhancing the reading experience of all bibliophiles out there.

    The inadequacy of good and reasonably priced bookmarks online, led the founder of Paragraph Stores, Sohail, to design some striking bookmarks. Having a background in designing and being an avid reader himself, he soon built a team of incredible designers and readers. Their objective is straightforward, bridge the gap between the consumers and brand by making them feel more connected and valued. 

    We're completely loving the two series of bookmarks that they currently have. The Serene Series has stunning landscape designs with beautiful palm and pine trees. The Avenger Series is a distinct set of finely designed bookmarks - Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and more. Marvel stans, where you at? Both these series come in a total set of 10, two of each design. These bookmarks have a matte finish coated material thereby adding to the charm. You can also shop for Pocket Books in the shades of orange and blue. 

    Although their collection is limited at the moment, these folks are working on multiple stationery products which are soon to be launched, as we're told. They do have a website, however, they only retail through Amazon. 

    Price: INR 115 upwards 

    What Could Be Better

    We hope we can start placing our orders directly on their website soon. 


    They offer country-wide shipping, so go check them out pronto! 

      Featured Products

      Avenger Series Bookmarks