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Paree's Super Soft Sanitary Pads Are Perfect If You Have A Heavy Flow!


    What Makes It Awesome

    Paree is an awesome homegrown brand that makes sanitary napkins, and is a master at creating pads for heavy flow. My issue with pads, in general, is that if you got thick thighs, you ain't saving lives, you're just constantly itching. Paree, on the other hand, has super soft sanitary pads. It gives you a dry feel, which means that you won't have to constantly worry, feel uneasy, or even be scared of a leak. Their pads come in different sizes, but I think that they're acing the XL and XXL game.

    What I think is truly awesome is that Paree's sanitary pads comes in a very accommodating pack. They're handbag-friendly! Apart from that, I also love the fact that they're so affordable. Supporting local doesn't get easier than this!

    I would recommend that you try their panty liners as well. I feel that people don't know about the wonders of a panty liner, and how it comes handy on a daily basis. Sis, we all know how expensive comfy and pretty underwear is, and for their longevity, you HAVE to try out panty liners. They act as a barrier against daily vaginal discharge, post-sex discharge or light menstrual flow.

    I have been using Paree's panty liners for almost a month now, and I would definitely recommend you try them out.

    If you like how it sounds, make sure you check out their range of products on the LBB Shop.