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Run, Jog or Walk Amidst History | Lodhi Garden & Hauz Khas and Deer Park

Salman posted on 19 June

By Mohd. Salman

They are crowded, they are grand, often noisy, sometimes serene, but if there is one quality common to all great cities, it is that they are versatile. One place offers you a number of different experiences that you treasure. There’s something for everyone.

Delhi is blessed with a massive acreage of green cover that makes some parts of the city a natural delight. The city’s large parks muffle the cacophony of urban sounds, and are an ideal retreat for those seeking an escape from the necessary rush of modern life.

But there’s more on offer. A lot of these green spaces are built around structures of historical importance, and are a breathtaking setting to be in while you go about your daily jog, or take a walk, or spend time with friends and family.


Lodi-Garden1 lodi gardens 2

Where | These gardens stand right in the middle of the city {close to Khan Market, Lodhi Road, opp India Habitat Centre, cover 90 acres and occupy pride of place among Delhi’s parks as a place of great historical and ecological importance.

A Brief History  | A repository of some of the most significant architectural relics from the Sayyid and Lodhi dynasties of medieval Delhi. The Sayyids and the Lodis were the last two dynasties of the Delhi Sultans, ruling from 1414-1526. They oversaw the period between the sack of Delhi by Tamerlane in 1398 to the conquest of India by his descendants, the Mughals. While the relics left by them may not be as numerous or magnificent as the monuments the Mughals left behind, their legacy is an integral part of the rich tapestry that chronicles the history of our city.

Circa 21st century | The ashok trees lining the entrance to the park are alive with the sounds of birds calling, best experienced early in the morning or in the couple of hours preceding sunset. The Kufic inscriptions on the ruins of the mosque, the blue tilework on one of the domes, the massive octagonal bases of the tombs are majestic in the slanting light of the sun. The summer months see the brilliant yellow of the amaltas, while the winters are the best time to sit in the sun. There’s also the lake and that big flock of geese loitering about it; that’s a nice corner to go to when the other parts of the park have been taken.

Take with you | A frisbee, for sure. We've spent many rainy days and winter evenings playing frisbee in the park. The garden is also packed with picnic spots, ideal for a day out with family. In the winter, all you need is a big mug of steaming tea/coffee in one hand and a book in the other; in fact, LBBD's Book Club meetings have been hosted in the lawns right outside the main tomb.

Walking around | A concrete running track has been paved, though there's no stopping you if you want to run on the grass.

Walking work up your appetite? | Walk over to the Lodi- The Garden Restaurant, which is on the Lodhi Road side entrance {opp. Jor Bagh, India Habitat Centre}. They have a good selection of continental food and a delectable brunch menu. Scrambled eggs, juice and coffee post a morning run? Count us in! There's also Khan Market, and Khanna Market which is home to Chidambaram's- one of our favourite places for South Indian food.



deer park1

deer park2

Where | The gems of south Delhi, another verdant spot of green adjacent to one of the most ‘happening’ places in town- Hauz Khas Village.

A Brief History | The restored royal tank {Hauz Khas, literally} and the Tughlaq monuments built around it have a charm of their own. The tank was built in the time of the Khiljis, the second dynasty of the Delhi Sultans. The pillared halls overlooking the lake, though, are the remnants of a madrassa {seminary} belonging to the Tughlaq period. There is also the tomb of Firoz Shah Tughlaq, the cousin of our very own 'Mad King', Mohammad Bin Tughlaq. Also, remember that the Hauz Khas monuments and the Deer Park are two parks joined by that little bridge next to Park Balluchi.

Circa 21st Century | Try watching the place from the comfort of the pillared avenues on a rainy day, or walk around on a chilly winter’s morning. Few places in Delhi will match up to the experience. The Deer Park is called that because of the section of enclosures where the spotted ungulates live at peace, a welcome sight amid the crowded settlements all around the park. One thing you must NOT miss is the hilarious exercise ‘tips’ put up on boards all over the park.

Take with you |  Wear comfortable shoes for a languid stroll through its expansive landscape, and just soak in your surroundings. Intertwining paths take you from the little spot for deers, rabbits and peacocks to dilapidated monuments, a moss green lake with ducks on the edge, and lush green pockets. If you're a runner, the wavering terrain of this park is most enjoyable. You find exits that'll take you towards Green Park and Hauz Khas Village, depending on the route you take. Plug in your IPod, update your playlist, and move along.

Walking around | Gravelly track flanked by concrete for jogging. Unlike Lodhi, this one has terrible loos. Also, every alternate weekend, Delhi Drum Circle has a gathering in the park. Check this out for updates.

Walking work up your appetite? | There's good ol' Park Balluchi for Mughlai food {tikkas et all}, or there's a whole plethora of restaurants to choose from in the Village. What we recommend? Yeti {momos+non-veg thali}, Naivedyam{South Indian}, and browse through the HKV guide for more. 

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Deer Park | Image courtesy: Mohd. Salman

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