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Casual Dining

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World Food and Mineral Vinos At Vault Café

Aditya posted on 17 May


A mix between British parlour rooms and an underground treasury, Vault Cafe offers a dimly lit pink and yellow space with a whole lot of interesting eating options.

Chow Down

Prawn & Chive Dumplings, Vault Special Chicken Wings

Sip On

Cuba Libre, Gin Ginger & Raspberry

Winning For

It’s amazing wine collection. This restaurant prides itself on their collection of mineral wines and delivers in that section too. The staff is quick and the mixologist knows what he’s doing{So, Drink up!}

Locked In A Vault

Bare bricks, sleek furniture and an interesting mix of multi-genre music make for a good combo. There are five individual vaults where groups can chill, a dance floor and bar area, lounge seating, and also an open area with a view of Connaught Place. The sink-in sofas are really comfortable, but can be a pain when you plan to eat.

Vino Winning

The menu offers a wide variety, ranging from international dishes such as Korea Beef Bulgogi and the French Chicken Cordon Bleu, to street flavours such as Bedmi Poori and Pav Bhaji which one can indulge in.

We tried the Prawn and Chive Dumplings and absolutely loved them {we think you’ll love them too!}. The Vault Special Chicken Wings were fiery and delicious, but one can slip ordering the BBQ Onion Rings as they taste more like ketchupy and are overdone.

The Sumak Spiced Grilled Chicken was really delicious and we’d recommend it as a must try, but wouldn’t do the same for the Chicken Shawarma, which is oily, and much like a roadside roll. The Penne with Bacon and Mushroom in Cheese Sauce was brilliantly done, and we absolutely loved the balanced cheesy taste. One can also chow down on the Chilli dog which is just what you’d expect from it.

The Cuba Libre and the Gin, Ginger & Raspberry are not to be missed when ordering your round of drinks. They are not only well mixed and potent, but will totally be worth the money.

So, We’re Thinking…

The restaurant has been done up well and drinks are its USP. The food too is good, but suffers in a few areas. Weekday evenings are perfect, as the crowd isn’t too much and one can enjoy with friends and family.

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Casual Dining

Vault Cafe

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Casual Dining

Vault Cafe

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