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Peacock Art Gallery: Putting The Gallery In Galleria

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Peacock Art Gallery is located in the heart of Gurgaon’s most happening location, Galleria. They’ve got a wide range of Indian contemporary art waiting to be discovered.

Access to Art

If you always position art galleries miles away from people, you will never be able to make art approachable or accessible, which will forever make it an intimidating object and subject. Thankfully we now have an easily accessible and noticeable gallery, right in the centre of Gurgaon’s {forever mispronounced} Galleria market.

What We Love

Nothing ruins the experience of viewing art as much as cramped and overcrowded galleries, where the art itself seems to overlap each other; thankfully we can say that this isn’t the case at Peacock Art Gallery – there is enough breathing space.

The objective of Peacock Art Gallery is to find, bring and showcase the finest works of Indian contemporary art. Since its launch, the gallery has held multiple group exhibitions, and will continue to showcase and promote both established and emerging artists from across India.

So, We’re Saying

It’s certainly great to see galleries like Peacock Art Gallery coming up in Gurgaon, which is slowly becoming the centre of many cultural activities. We say, more such creative venues please! So next time you’re out and about in Galleria, do drop in and get a dose of art.