Yay! We Might Just Have Found The Best Iced Filter Coffee In The City At Only INR 60


    Here’s the truth: If you really want to find the best affordable eats in the city, ask the students around. In this case, it’s a bunch of IIT students and broke office goers who’ve found a regular coffee spot in Coffee Haat, SDA. We went to see how they’re brewing and we’re here to spill the beans.

    Filter Out The Rest

    We met Ashna, the owner of this humble little coffee home, that’ll remind you of no-fuss hangouts down South. The resemblance isn’t purely coincidental, though. She stayed in Bengaluru and was always mad about shelling a bomb for filter kaapi in Delhi. “I’ve had fresh brewed filter coffee for 10 bucks in Bengaluru and I wondered why I had to pay 10 times the price for a similar deal here. It got me so pissed that I decided to start my own cafe,” she tells us.

    Good for us, though. They’ve got a machine and a boiler that promise the freshest filter coffee in a jiffy. In fact, with our two coffees, one hot and one cold, we paid only about INR 100. You can choose a hot or cold version, and we can promise you that neither will disappoint. Ashna also asks everyone who walks in how strong or light they like their brew, and if they want a 150ml or a 200ml one.

    We loved Coffee Haat’s mathri and choco chip cookies {two of these are for INR 30} that come from a home baker Ashna’s tied up with. The menu isn’t spectacular, but has just enough to tide you over if you’re feeling peckish. It’s got samosas, kachori, cheese Maggi, patties, stuffed kulcha and more that the nearby halwai delivers fresh twice a day {around 4:30pm is a good time to go}. She does intend on adding more summer-friendly staples like poha and upma very soon. 

    So, seek respite from the sun inside, or grab one of their outdoor tables in the evening for a cuppa that won’t kill your wallet.

    So, We're Saying...

    Don’t dismiss Coffee Haat as a cafe for just homesick folks from the South. We hear that in their two-months of being around, they’ve already got a loyal bunch you’ll find hanging around. 

    P.S. They also go black coffee and, the dieters’ current love, green coffee.