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    Beat Period Lows With This Subscription Box Full Of Snacks, Bath Products & More

    Rene posted on 25 May


    There’s no bigger killjoy than a painful period, and Happy PMS knows this. To help you sail through it month after month, these folks curate a subscription box that takes care of the emergency supplies (pads, tampons and such) along with products that are meant to spoil you (face wash and candies).

    Supplies Incoming...

    Loaded with everything that could possibly come to your rescue when you’re writhing in pain, this one is also open to giving you specific stuff. They, in fact, customised a box for a teenage girl who was struggling with her first period, with everything age-appropriate that she’d dig.

    Mostly, a Happy PMS box is a sweet combination of essentials and feel-good products that make it to people’s doorsteps at that dreaded time of the month. Think everything from healthy chocolates to cute hot water bottles to stress-relieving essence oils and of course, sanitary napkins.

    More reasons to subscribe? Lip balms, cleansers, intimate wipes, sunscreen and healthy snacks. If green tea isn’t your jam, they can have your box sent with coffee sachets. In short, you aren’t going to be surprised with something you just don’t like. This is a given because the main folks behind the brand share a list of products when you get in touch with them so you get to pick and choose a lot of stuff.

    These subscription boxes come in three sizes and the smallest one (with 10-12 goodies) costs INR 699. The medium-sized goes up to INR 999 and the biggest one is for 1,599. Not a bad deal for the price, right?

    So, We're Saying...

    Find Happy PMS on Instagram and order your relief pack right away. Munch munch! 

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