Stepping Out Of Town? These Pet Boarding Facilities Will Keep Your Kitty Safe & Happy

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What Makes It Awesome

All cat parents go through a difficult time when looking for the perfect boarding facility when they need to leave town. It’s not possible to leave our kitties stay alone and Delhi isn’t exactly brimming with options.

Thankfully, things have started to look up. The cat community is growing and the credit goes to a few cat lovers who understood that a cat boarding facility was the need of the hour. It’s great that these boardings offer various facilities such as veterinarians on call, feline consultant on call, Skype chat with your kitties, nutrition guidance and obviously, a safe home.

These boarding facilities, though, come with certain rules and regulations. Before you drop off your fur ball, make sure your cat is neutered or they’ll have to resort to a cage (and no parent likes that, right?). Get it vaccinated and make sure it’s crate trained. Once all these basic requirements are met, you’re then just one step away from the boarding facility taking the cat in.

These boarding facilities are managed by animals lovers who have spent quite a lot of time on educating themselves to provide proper care… All so you can rest easy.

Get in touch with any of these boarding facilities and let your cat have its own vacation.

Call Akriti at 096503 84064 for Purrfection Boarding, Indirapuram.

Call Minty at 099536 07585 for Catsville Boulevard, Gurgaon.