Pet-Parents Are You Looking For An Unforgettable Pet-Friendly Vacay? Then Try Emerald Trail!

Emerald Trail

What Makes It Awesome?

Let’s come down to a little more complex question: Have you ever gone on a holiday with your pet? Now this question has been met with various expression from pet parents ranging from genuine want to total incredulity. Parents go into a wishful mode where they would want to answer with a yes but have no idea how to. Ladies and gentlemen, please make space for the answers to your musings –Emerald Trail, nestled in Jungaliyagaon which is about 20-30 mins uphill from Bhimtal Lake in Uttrakhand. A gem of a pet-friendly place that one can chance upon for their pets. What’s Emerald Trail All About: It’s a homestay which was conceptualized back in 2010 by Sumith Dutta and his wife with inputs from their 4 in-house dogs –after all if they were to make it pet-friendly the pooches had better be in agreement. They open their doors to pets along with their human parents and interesting to know that maximum occupancy is always by pet parents. Emerald Trail is a pet-friendly property. All the pets are given equal attention and care to their owners. Pets can access every inch of the wide spacious three-acre property. The large estate, allows pet parents to be worry-free about their pets. Privileges when the pets visit Emerald Trail. They share the same rooms as their family members. They are provided beds and bowls. They are provided home-cooked meals with special instructions that can be catered to. In case of any medical emergency, {god forbid} the local vet from the government hospital is a phone call away. In extreme and special cases, and if your pet is friendly their staff can also babysit your pet while you go sightseeing. You can go for long quiet walks in the village with them without being worried about traffic and honks. Like you, your pets too need to get out of the concrete jungle and noise pollution. Must say Emerald Trail can be your next best pet-friendly resort destination. Would I recommend Emerald Trail to pet parents wanting to take a holiday with their pets? Of course yes! The warmth and hospitality are enough to make you want to extend your stay. Go ahead, book a place and let Emerald Trail do the rest for you.

What's My Pro Tip?

Once it starts getting dark please ensure your pets are inside the house. And, all doors of the house are shut to ensure that your pet does not wander off in the dark. Refrain from night walks as there are wild animals around!

Anything Else?

The distance from Delhi is around 320 km. Nearest railway station to Bhimtal is Kathgodam –Its 30kms away. How to make reservations: Call Sumith Dutta on +919833949954/+917830025532 or email them at!

Emerald Trail