Want A Full Asian Meal Home-Delivered? Call Pho King Awesome

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Pho King Awesome in GK 1 only does home-delivery and has a huge variety of mains and sides to choose from.

Who Will Enjoy This Place The Most?

This would be the go-to place for quick and yummy lunch at work or even a family dinner. It’s decently priced, too, especially looking at the quantity of the portions.


Veg Hakka Noodles, Banh Bao With Tofu and Mushroom, Canh Ga Nuong, Chicken Pho King Firecracker and Chicken Xao Sa Ot. Also, please don’t forget to order Ca Phe Den; their Vietnamese cold coffee!

What Made Your Experience Awesome?

The non veg bento box was the highlight of our experience with Pho King Awesom; it comes with one main and rice/noodles, and is quite enough for two people. Their menu has lots of options, and you can count on one dish to be enough for three, looking at their portions.


They accept orders online. Be super hungry while you order for best results.