Ten-Second Takeaway

Join two Dilliwalas Rakesh Mathur and Alok Bhalla for unusual walking and photography tours through the lanes of Delhi-6.

What Is It?

Mathur and Bhalla organise informal walks and tours {there is no name, or website}, exploring the less-travelled lanes of old Delhi. With an emphasis on photographic exploration, they host a series of interesting walks {just give them a call and request what you want} from street food tours and shopping walks through old Delhi to exploring the hidden tunnels of Jama Masjid.

What Do They Do?

Photo source: Rakesh Mathur Photography

Photo source: Rakesh Mathur Photography

The walks have previously covered Kinari Bazaar, Jama Masjid, Sadar Bazaar, handicraft stalls and wholesale markets {selling marigold, wax or even kerosene!}. They started the walks wanting to photograph and explore the area, finding places and things you wouldn’t usually find on regular city walking tours.

Some of the wacky things they’ve seen on their tours include Japanese samosas, a goat-massage specialist, amazing stores full of old movie props and armour, the ‘flying carpet man’ at Red Fort, and stores of discounted art supplies from Germany.

How Should I Prepare?

Mathur prefers forming groups of four to five individuals, identifying theiir activity {shopping, photography, eating, adventure, etc.} and then assembling at a chosen point beforehand. He says the winter season is the best time to explore the area.

If you’re looking for a weird, intriguing and fun slice of life in old Delhi, we recommend you ring these gentlemen up.

#LBBTip: Wear good walking shoes, carry a camera and water bottle, and stuff your pockets full of cash {if you’re a compulsive shopaholic}. The chai stalls in Kucha Tiku Shah galli are also well worth a visit.

Timings: Contact them to coordinate suitable timings

Contact: +91 9811170667

Price: INR 800 for groups of one to three people. INR 500 for groups of five to seven

Featured photo source: Dan Lundberg via Flickr[CC BY-SA 2.0]