Ten-Second Takeaway

From the peeps behind PCO and ATM, Ping’s Cafe Orient is a beautiful cafe situated in Lodhi Colony Market, boasting of a menu of Asian and fusion fare, paired with a fruity and potent cocktail list.

Chow Down

Pork Yakitori, Raw Mango Salad, Fish Biryani, Mango with Sticky Rice

Sip On

Mood Cocktail {Mango}, Planter’s Punch

Winning For

Image courtesy: Navni Kumar

Image courtesy: Navni Kumar

Their bathroom signages

A wooden framed box holding a shaving kit marks the men’s washroom, and an identical box holding a make-up kit marks the women’s. There are also two barber chairs set-up outside to wait if the washroom is occupied.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Dim lights, red walls, and wooden upholstered chairs make Ping’s the ideal place for an evening drinking session. The chairs are comfy and the music not too loud {though we think the volume increases as the night progresses, which suits us just fine}. Every table has a little switch attached to the wall, which lights up the bulb hanging above the table and summons the server. *Ping*

If you want to grab a smoke, we’d suggest going upstairs rather than outside. They’ve got a semi-outdoor area filled with greens and a long table, where you can stand, socialise and blow all the smoke you want.

Greens And Reds

Image courtesy: Navni Kumar

Image courtesy: Navni Kumar

No, we’re not talking about Christmas, but Ping’s beautiful menu. We started with a bunch of green salads. The minced chicken salad was an uber spicy affair comprising little morsels of chicken, peanuts, greens and red chillies. The quinoa salad had chunks of mango and was perfect as a follow-up to the first one. However, our favourite salad has to be the raw mango. Perfectly sour plump slices of mango doused in a tangy dressing—this is what soothing PMS dreams are made of.

After our dose of greens, we moved on to the meats, and Chicken Yakitori and Pork Yakitori led the way. If you’re okay with red meat, we’d strongly recommend going for the latter. Small cubes of the most succulent pork is presented on skewers along with a sambal dip. For main course, we tried the fish biryani, which was basically a rice preparation infused with Oriental spices {it tasted predominantly Thai} with bits of tender grilled fish. We’re definitely going back for this one. The khao suey was pretty great, too, though we’d be happier sticking to the starters.

The mango with sticky rice was the perfect end to our meal here; don’t miss it!

Cocktail Tales

Coming from the PCO folks, we expected a stellar drinks menu, and going by what we tried we weren’t disappointed in the least. The Planter’s Punch {not on the menu but you can request for it} is a rum-based concoction with star anise—subtly sweet and spiced with a slice of mandarin, it was pretty potent and served its purpose of spreading the happiness around. The Mood Cocktail, made with seasonal fruit {mango, currently}, almost tasted like an alcoholic version of the mango shake. Super high on flavour, this one.

So, We’re Saying..

Step in here on an evening following a long day and catch up with someone you like over delish drinks, desserts, and everything in between.

Where: 13, Main Market,Lodhi {opposite Guppy by ai}

Nearest Metro Station: JLN Stadium

Price: INR 1,000 for two {without alcohol}

Contact: +91 9999447977

Timings: 11.30am – 1am

Featured image courtesy: Eeshaankas